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Perspectives from Today's Entrepreneurs

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Jaoh Spearman:  Grit and Grind - Joah Spearman is the founder and CEO of Localeur, a leading travel startup that shares local recommendations in more than 130 cities around the world. Localeur has been called one of the best travel apps by The Today Show, Forbes, TIME, and The Guardian.   Joah is one of the few African-American technology founders to  have raised more than $5 million in venture funding. 

Born the youngest of three boys in a single mother household, Joah was raised in poor, working class towns in Texas and South Carolina.  Through his mother, Joah learned the value and importance of determination, grit and perseverance. Using those lessons, Joah started his first business at 10 years old, won more than two dozen scholarships including the National March of Dimes Scholarship and went on to become the first person in his family to graduate from college. Joah has gone on to launch four businesses in Austin, working with globally-recognized brands such as FedEx, South by Southwest Festival, and ESPN and gaining the support and praise of renowned entrepreneurs and national media outlets along the way. 

   Entrespective Conversations 

In Entrespective Conversations, Brian and Chris hear the stories that made successful entrepreneurs who they are. Perhaps more importantly, we learn the core lessons that anyone can apply to their own entrepreneurial endeavors.


These stories matter because, it turns out, most success comes not from tactical business decisions, but rather from the collection of life moments that made each guest who they are: lessons from parents at the dinner table, opportunities they never saw coming — but had the open eyes and mind to grab when they appeared — and core personal beliefs that even today offer a continual beacon that guides their path forward.


As successful entrepreneurs and conversation experts, Brian and Chris know how to listen and how to act… and how to ask questions that deliver the answers entrepreneurs need to know.


Through our guests' personal journeys, we learn the ups and downs — key decisions, winning moments, and frustrating failures — that added up to their success: The lessons we all can apply to drive our own success as well.

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